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Zwei für eine Stadt - Paare in Marburg

Two for one town - couples in Marburg

 © Georg Kronenberg

Exciting wedding celebrations, arranged marriages and romantic revolutionaries – experience the history of the town of Marburg through personal stories. There are so many examples of how couples changed the course of the history of the town through their own story. Romantics, politicians and philosophers in love accompany us on our walk through the town.

It begins with the short but happy marriage of Elisabeth of Thuringia who, as a widow, founded a hospital in Marburg and traverses the centuries, covering the construction of the castle and amorous philosophers to contemporary times. The university is also an important institution for matters of the heart; many couples found and still find each other here.



The best starting place for this tour is the castle wall (at the display cabinet / opposite the bus stop, line 10). You can of course select alternative meeting places such as in a restaurant or at a bus car park. Of course, this will change the duration of the tour accordingly.




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