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Elisabethkirche, Altstadt bis hinauf zum Marburger Landgrafenschloss

Elisabeth church and the old town up to the castle of the Landgrave

 © Georg Kronenberg

Construction of Elisabeth church started in 1235 by the Teutonic Order of Knights above the final resting place of Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia and was consecrated in 1283.

Here, those master builders created their own interpretation of a French cathedral that became the prototype for the Gothic hall church, and which would go on to play an important role in the development of Gothic architecture in Germany.

In the past, this site fulfilled three functions: As the grave of Saint Elisabeth it acted as a church of pilgrimage, sepulchre of the Landgraves of Hesse and an important church for the Teutonic Order. Today, the evangelic community church is a prominent monument of religious architectural creativity and the destination of many tens of thousands of visitors annually.

From Elisabeth church it’s on up to the old town, which is lovingly known by the locals as "Oberstadt". In the narrow lanes, you might come across numerous artefacts and traces of those famous figures such as the Brothers Grimm, Martin Luther and Nobel Prize winners such as Emil von Behring. As part of an extensive conservation project, many timber-framed houses in the old town have been renovated and today greet guests with their original, historical charm.

The historic market place is the heart of the old town: Today as it was in the past, the square remains the centre of town life with its fountain and the town hall, built in the late-Gothic style between 1512 and 1526, with its famous cock on the gable of the stair tower

Up numerous stairs to the imposing castle of the Landgrave on a rocky outcrop known as the "Gisonenfelsen", which crowns the town. As early as the 13th century the first Landgrave of Hesse demonstrated his power over the valley of the Lahn with an imposing structure. Each successive state leader changed and enlarged the castle according to their whims, so that today it remains a witness to past ages.


Please observe the opening and closing times of the Elisabeth church.

It is best to start this tour at the main entrance of the Elisabeth church. You can of course select alternative meeting places such as in a restaurant or at a bus car park. Of course, this will change the duration of the tour accordingly.




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